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years ago, i read from audio asylum, one guy mentioned using low dcr chokes
and keeping capacitance small (thus LC-LC-LC) gave the best sound.
particularly piano sounded really realistic.

i have no idea about that. it so happened the amp i built was anything but
low dcr/cap (100uf - 10 - 100uf), so i figured lets try this approach.

can't exactly remember what i built but it was like <5h per choke and <20uf
per cap, LCLCLC.

whether it's the absence of electrolytic here or usage of oil caps, i
remembered the sound was really natural and "light".

it must have left an impression on me as all subsequent amps i built do not
use electrolytic in the main supply.


On Fri, May 31, 2019 at 5:11 AM Joseph Levy via Sound <sound at soundlist.org>

> Greetings,
> I have several transformers and chokes on hand that were stripped off a
> collection of somewhat crudely built (by someone else) DIY 300B amps. They
> include a pair of Tango Permalloy SET OPTs and a pair of Tamura Permalloy
> PP OPTs.
> I also have several pairs of vintage filter chokes that meet or exceed the
> minimum specs for the designs I'm working from. The chokes have specs of:
> 10Hy @ 200mA, DCR = 90 ohms
> 8Hy @ 300mA, DCR = 80 ohms
> 5Hy @ 400mA, DCR = 45 ohms
> The rectifier is a 5AR4 / GZ34 followed by a 40uF cap, a choke, and then a
> higher value cap.
> Some time ago, one of my local audio buddies told me that a lower DCR is
> preferred in an SET design rather than a PP where it's not as critical, but
> I don't recall him explaining why. If I were to use one of those chokes
> with either the SET or PP designs, is there a preferred combination?
> Thanks!
> JL
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