[JN] haters gotta hate

Hans Hedal hans.hedal at post.cybercity.dk
Tue Apr 30 16:37:32 CDT 2019

> I see a lot of hate on the forums for Bob Carver's equipment. I 
> recently purchased a PSC-60 preamp because I wanted to audition his 
> sonic holography circuit--I tend to like that sort of thing. I took 
> out the mixer I had been using in my living room, installed the Carver 
> preamp, dropped Miles Davis's 'Round Midnight album in the CD player 
> and went into the kitchen to get a beer and start cooking dinner. Hold 
> the phone! Is that Miles playing live in my living room? Wow! Even my 
> wife was excited by what she was hearing. I still haven't listened to 
> the sonic holography circuit, but I am blown away by the preamp, even 
> the phono circuit sound good. I know that the haters gotta hate, but 
> maybe they should take a break and listen a bit too.
> Best,
>      John

Picked from Wikipedia:
"Sonic holography", as described in U.S. Patent 4,218,585 was first 
incorporated in the Carver C4000 preamplifier. It enhances stereo 
imaging by introducing a delayed and equalized signal from the right 
channel at the left loudspeaker to cancel the signal from the right 
loudspeaker at the listener's left ear (and vice versa).


You must tell us your impression of how "sonic holography" sounds.
For me it looks like a receipt for making stereo sound like dual mono.
So the "sonic holography" circuit is simply a retro gadget.
I.e. all your records will start sounding like the old Beatles records, 
when played through it.


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