[JN] haters gotta hate

BBands bbands at gmail.com
Mon Apr 29 20:40:00 CDT 2019

I see a lot of hate on the forums for Bob Carver's equipment. I recently
purchased a PSC-60 preamp because I wanted to audition his sonic holography
circuit--I tend to like that sort of thing. I took out the mixer I had been
using in my living room, installed the Carver preamp, dropped Miles Davis's
'Round Midnight album in the CD player and went into the kitchen to get a
beer and start cooking dinner. Hold the phone! Is that Miles playing live
in my living room? Wow! Even my wife was excited by what she was hearing. I
still haven't listened to the sonic holography circuit, but I am blown away
by the preamp, even the phono circuit sound good. I know that the haters
gotta hate, but maybe they should take a break and listen a bit too.


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