[JN] Darling Speakers

ben bfranchuk at jetnet.ab.ca
Wed Apr 24 14:51:59 CDT 2019

On 4/24/2019 9:01 AM, BBands via Sound wrote:
> Jeremy put me on to this idea with the tl design he uses at home. I 
> forget the details, a small Fostex driver of some sort. He is driving it 
> with just a couple of watts and said it was quite efficient. I built a 
> larger tl design with an 8'' driver that I like a lot, so it seems 
> logical to try a smaller one for the darling. In any case I like the 
> wood work...
>        John
> On Wed, Apr 24, 2019 at 7:05 AM Hans Hedal <hans.hedal at post.cybercity.dk 
> <mailto:hans.hedal at post.cybercity.dk>> wrote:
>     Just curious - you want to make a transmission line enclosure - perhaps
>     small in size.
>     Is this enclosure type chosen, because it is known to have higher
>     efficiency than other loudspeaker cabinet types?
>     (the efficiency could of course also depend of cabinet size)
>     Hans
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Don't forget the Ariel 120 LB small speakers from Nutshell Hifi
or the ME2 little brother. Throwing what was $3 drivers and $1.5 tweeter
in a box is not good design any more. Well designed and tested and
measured from here. (Not sure if the drivers are still around).

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