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Larry Moore larrymooreattorney at gmail.com
Thu Apr 18 14:26:31 CDT 2019

I’ve built my fair share of Darlings, and when this thread was developing, I had a notion of responding.  I'll do that now.  But, to the point.

Having built both cap and direct coupled Darlings, I’ll say this.  I think the direct coupled version is cleaner and clearer sonically; but only, when used within its means.  Meaning, if you push a Darling, perhaps using a less efficient speaker or one with a less than a benign impedance curve, then I think the cap coupled version fairs a little better when pushed.  So, it depends.

A modded Dayton Audio B652 works ok - but, won’t peal paint, naturally.  Plenty good for an office setup though.

Alright, a secret.  One of the good things about the Darling is that it isn’t really part sensitive.  Yea, good coupling caps matter - I’d spend money there.  Hint:  these are my go to cheap ones:  http://shop.diyhifisupply.com/product-category/electronic-parts/capacitors/obbligato-film-copper-caps/ <http://shop.diyhifisupply.com/product-category/electronic-parts/capacitors/obbligato-film-copper-caps/>. But, at least use these, though I’d spend as much as $25 per cap.

And, the output transformers, well you can buy Hammond, or better - but, the Darling works really well with these:  https://www.tubesandmore.com/products/transformer-output-8-w-single-ended <https://www.tubesandmore.com/products/transformer-output-8-w-single-ended>. They’re dirt cheap.

Here’s the last one I built, a bit of a ship in a bottle, but it fits on a Hammond chassis, model number 1455T2201, which comes in clear, black, blue and red - I don’t care, that’s sexy no matter where ya come from, anodized:

> On Apr 18, 2019, at 2:46 PM, Danielak, Robert M via Sound <sound at soundlist.org> wrote:
> it all depends upon what you are trying to achieve.
> if you want to rock the neighborhood, this is probably not the best choice of amp.
> but in my apartment (I’m a polite neighbor), or in a home office, or casual listening
> the darling is plenty loud and sweet with 88 to 90dB/w/m bookshelf speakers.
> 1/2W can be loud if you need it to be
> but then you do need very high efficiency speakers.
> my first darling sounded great thru big fun lowther horns!
> (was that really 20 yrs ago?!?)
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> Hey Joes where are you going with that super-efficient speaker in your hand?
> I am off to build a dc darling, but at a half-a-watt I'll need some really efficient speakers. I am thinking a transmission line design with a small driver. Any ideas, suggestions?
> John--thinking small
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