[JN] raspberry pi + mo0de/volumio + foobar2000

Steven S. steven at 403forbidden.net
Wed Apr 17 21:19:01 CDT 2019

okay thats similar to what i'm reading in forums.

I have the isolator board and the big wall warts allo sells.

I ran it with one supply at first just to see how the dual supplies with 
isolator board sounded.

I'll investigate the options you list more.


On Wed, 17 Apr 2019, Larry Moore via Sound wrote:

> 1.) different and select power supplies, and
> 2.) where those power supplies feed in.
> I have disabled the on-board SMPS for the output stage (Sparko Labs portion) and currently use
> 4 separate power supplies, in somewhat order of magnitude of improvement:
>  *  A Twisted Pear Placid Bipolar supply (current sourced/shunt rugged) for the Sparko Labs
>     board,
>  *  A LT3042 based supply for the ESS DAC chip,
>  *  A K&K linear supply based on the LT1083 for the Pi and dirty side of the isolator, and
>  *  A second LT3042 based supply for the ESS DAC chip for the micro controller and clean side
>     of the isolator.
> As stated, the feed in points are critical to improvement, but many of them require some
> “advanced” soldering or surface mount soldering techniques.
> So, with that, I’ll leave you to ask further, based on what you might be interested in and what
> you believe your capabilities are.  There’s also cost I suppose.  I probably have $300 or so in
> supplies, give or take.

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