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Danielak, Robert M robert.m.danielak at lmco.com
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working from memory, there should be two schematics for the simple cap coupled design.
the original is from the sound practices article
and there should be another that I built for nynoise.
the main difference is the power supply in the nynoise version was using commonly available
Hammond transformers versus surplus.
any power supply between 250 and 280V will work – current draw is about 60mA. size for more if you can.

there is a dc coupled version, too.
most folks seem to like this one better.
there’s one design using a Hammond power transformer and another using a James power transformer.

if you can find the James OPTs these are great bang for the buck – whether you go cap coupled or dc.

imho, the special sauce in this design is using one power supply for both channels and both stages -and sharing the cathode bias resistors.

the dc darling with james transformers is what I’m using right now.
if I did it again I’d use a different power transformer. the james is double what an equivalent Hammond would be.
it looks nicer, though…

I think edcor had a 600VCT power transformer with two 6.3V windings that would be perfect for the dc darling.
I think it was beefy enough to make a dc double darling – but that’s crazy talk  ;)

I’ve built a few dc darlings that drive a 300B output stage. I really, really like this topology.

I believe my next darling variant will be based upon jc’s rabid hybrid approach.
same power as the 300B approach – hopefully with the “darling/1626” sound.
I have the paper design sorted out to some extent. and I started the FET layout on a bigass heat sink
while I was home for the Christmas holidays. but I’m still a migrant worker in coloRADo, away from my family
and workbench.

probably TMI…

go with the dc darling  ;)

have fun!

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Hey Bob,

I think this link gets you to an archived version of that page:

There seem to be a number of versions. Can to recommend one for me to start with?



On Wed, Apr 17, 2019 at 10:22 AM Danielak, Robert M <robert.m.danielak at lmco.com<mailto:robert.m.danielak at lmco.com>> wrote:
Jeremy and I used to be brothers in arms back in the day!

this might get you back to my old “darling” page (can’t get there from work).

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