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Larry Moore larrymooreattorney at gmail.com
Wed Apr 17 09:42:24 CDT 2019

Yea, I think Tim Curtis and team did a pretty nice job with moving forward with 5.0, in particular with the responsiveness of the UI, and navigation.

I hear ya, on the config settings, but once you’re doing an in-place update - that is moot or taken care of.  You only have to do it with the big jumps in software revision and, frankly, what you’re suggesting would take more resources that what is at hand from my understanding.  Better to put the effort elsewhere…

Yea, I know for a fact that Tim worked on maintaining/refreshing the web interface.  To a person whom I know uses MoOde, it is much better.

As to mods for the Katana, there are a couple things all say in summary, then you can tell where you might want to go and I’ll provide the details.  Generally, the Katana responds well to:

1.) different and select power supplies, and
2.) where those power supplies feed in.

I have disabled the on-board SMPS for the output stage (Sparko Labs portion) and currently use 4 separate power supplies, in somewhat order of magnitude of improvement:

A Twisted Pear Placid Bipolar supply (current sourced/shunt rugged) for the Sparko Labs board,
A LT3042 based supply for the ESS DAC chip,
A K&K linear supply based on the LT1083 for the Pi and dirty side of the isolator, and
A second LT3042 based supply for the ESS DAC chip for the micro controller and clean side of the isolator.

As stated, the feed in points are critical to improvement, but many of them require some “advanced” soldering or surface mount soldering techniques.

So, with that, I’ll leave you to ask further, based on what you might be interested in and what you believe your capabilities are.  There’s also cost I suppose.  I probably have $300 or so in supplies, give or take.


> On Apr 16, 2019, at 9:25 PM, Steven S. via Sound <sound at soundlist.org> wrote:
> snagged 5.0..
> color me impressed with the speed boost.
> before the UI was laggy, and at times less than responsive.
> I suspected my sdcard at fault but it seems it was the version.
> I wish they had a config export option so i didn't have to setup everything all over.. but didn't take me long.
> looks like spotify connect is much improved in v5 also.
> before sound quality was a bit iffy, connectivity was iffy.
> so far it's much less fiddly with spotify finding the moode audio player over the wifi. before it was endless reboots, closing the client.
> what sort of tweaks to the katana are suggested?
> On Tue, 16 Apr 2019, Larry Moore via Sound wrote:
>> First off, MoOde Audio 5.0 is no longer in “beta" or “release" form - The “official” version
>> (5.0) came out a few days ago.  If you have a release version of 5 installed, you can do an in
>> place update.  Otherwise, you have to reflash the image file.  Said another way, there is no in
>> place update from MoOde 4.4 to 5.0.
>> Yea, kinda funny how stupid good this thing is - something I’m sure no audio manufacturer of
>> DACs or CD players (do those still exist, ha) wants any audiophile to know.  They’d either be
>> out of business or left with having to support old geezers with limit computer savvy using
>> these things - ask me how I know…  I support a number of such folks.  And, I like each any
>> every one of them, considering them friends - that’s why I do it.
>> There are two ways to stream:
>> 1.) from your mobile device through your network to the Pi, and then out to your audio system,
>> or
>> 2.) directly from your network into your Pi and then into your system, the mobile device acting
>> as a “controller” unit.
>> In many, many systems, these two methods sound different, the later being better.
>> There’s a TON of mods you can do to the Katana, all of which take it to an entirely new level -
>> trust me.  Be happy to share if and when you want to get there,
>> HTH,
>> LDM
>>      On Apr 16, 2019, at 11:29 AM, Steven S via Sound <sound at soundlist.org> wrote:
>> I decided to take the jump and got Allo's new katana dac, with the isolation board.
>> I've yet to connect it to my ripped cd's but streaming (with moode) the soma fm stations
>> i'm blown away. Streaming spotify i'm less impressed. I'm assuming something with the
>> quality of spotify's streaming client? I've noticed some UI lag with moode that volumio
>> didn't have so maybe i just need to jump to 5.0 beta?
>> i'm currently running it thru my old school, crufty botthead s.e.x amps driving some 4"
>> full range diy book shelf's in my home office.
>> On 4/14/19 7:14 PM, BBands via Sound wrote:
>>      Hey Joes where you going with that streamer in your hand?
>> I know that some of you are experimenting with these cute little streamers. I am
>> running a Raspberry Pi 3 b+ with an Allo Boss dac hat with a switching ps for the
>> pi and a linear ps for the dac. Like Larry I slightly prefer Mo0de to Volumio, but
>> frankly they both suck when it comes to handling/managing large collections. I was
>> about to give up on them and move to a native mpd cleint lie cantata, when it
>> struck me that I could use foobar2000 as a upnp renderer. I have used foobar for a
>> long time, it sounds good, excels at handling large collections and is highly
>> customizable. To get foobar to talk to mo0de/volmio all I had to do was load the
>> upnp plugin and point it. Boom! Away I went. I have been listening to foobar >
>> volumio > boss > kt88 se amp all afternoon and the combo is frankly terrific . Next
>> weekend I will try with mo0de instead of volumio.
>> Feeling very much better about all this now,
>>       John
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