[JN] raspberry pi + mo0de/volumio + foobar2000

Steven S steven at 403forbidden.net
Tue Apr 16 10:29:45 CDT 2019

I decided to take the jump and got Allo's new katana dac, with the 
isolation board.
I've yet to connect it to my ripped cd's but streaming (with moode) the 
soma fm stations
i'm blown away. Streaming spotify i'm less impressed. I'm assuming 
something with the quality of spotify's streaming client? I've noticed 
some UI lag with moode that volumio didn't have so maybe i just need to 
jump to 5.0 beta?

i'm currently running it thru my old school, crufty botthead s.e.x amps 
driving some 4" full range diy book shelf's in my home office.

On 4/14/19 7:14 PM, BBands via Sound wrote:
> Hey Joes where you going with that streamer in your hand?
> I know that some of you are experimenting with these cute little 
> streamers. I am running a Raspberry Pi 3 b+ with an Allo Boss dac hat 
> with a switching ps for the pi and a linear ps for the dac. Like Larry 
> I slightly prefer Mo0de to Volumio, but frankly they both suck when it 
> comes to handling/managing large collections. I was about to give up 
> on them and move to a native mpd cleint lie cantata, when it struck me 
> that I could use foobar2000 as a upnp renderer. I have used foobar for 
> a long time, it sounds good, excels at handling large collections and 
> is highly customizable. To get foobar to talk to mo0de/volmio all I 
> had to do was load the upnp plugin and point it. Boom! Away I went. I 
> have been listening to foobar > volumio > boss > kt88 se amp all 
> afternoon and the combo is frankly terrific . Next weekend I will try 
> with mo0de instead of volumio.
> Feeling very much better about all this now,
>       John
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