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Mon Apr 15 10:30:54 CDT 2019

peter sikking wrote:

> hey Joes,
> the retro vintage modern hi-fi blog has a WE publication
> article up today that is right up our alley:
> <http://www.itishifi.com/2019/04/western-electric-oscillator-1947-what.html>

Quoted from page 12 in the article above:

Many factors contribute to this low distortion
level. Some of the principal ones are:
1. The voice coil has been made large
for excitation of the whole cone in a uniform
2. The special "shallow cone" design
minimizes the interference effects which
normally occur at high frequencies in cones
of steep section;
3. Edge damping, a feature of the new
designs, reduces distortion caused by cone
breakup by attenuating reflections from the
edge. It improves the linearity of the mechanical
system in general by providing damping in the
bass where the air loadingis low, reducing the
bass resonance andproducing a smoother
4. The shape and construction of the
cone have been carefully selected for
most desirable vibrational characteristics.

It would be interesting to see a more in-depth description of how they 
managed to make these loudspeaker drivers more linear (i.e. with less 
distortion) and which priorities were made (for instance amplitude 
linearity versus phase linearity).

Bell labs published quite a lot compared to other private companies, but 
did they publish more about this?


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