[JN] Modern design

Bill Perkins office-xp at pearl-hifi.com
Wed Mar 1 13:45:30 CST 2017

	That looks to me like it's unbalanced at HF due to V2's very high 
grid-driving Z.

	I'm -guessing- I'd drop the 22Ks to about 1K and put a few pF across 
the to 620K.

	Although, maybe it works just fine and I'm brick thick today.


> hi all,
> It took me too long to figure out this is a self balancing paraphase inverter, therefor I have redrawn the circuit, see attached. This will give a much quicker insight. Note that I corrected “_” and “+” for correct phase.
> This blog is a must read covering this topic:
> http://www.tubecad.com/2014/07/blog0300.htm
> best wishes,
> Guido

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