[JN] Guido Tent

Grego Sanguinetti grego at sandesco.com
Mon Feb 1 15:23:30 CST 2016

Ha! that's pretty funny. You funny guise.

My manager is from India and speaks at 1000miles/second 
(parsecs/megachron if you prefer) with a thick accent.
When I first joined her group, I could barely understand a word said.
At our group meeting she would blast out a paragraph and then look at me 
for comment. I had no idea what she just said. It was a bit unnerving!

On 1/29/2016 6:07 PM, jc morrison via Sound wrote:
> it is a bit relative though. english can be spoken with the mouth 
> closed. under anesthesia. with a sock puppet stuffed in the mouth 
> (cmon thorsten , i know you been there,...). there are men who can 
> speak english out their ass (and play the Marseillaise on trumpet too, 
> without the trumpet). i knew a woman who could say her name with her 
> pussy.  you can mix it with any other language and you can make shit 
> up, and it still becomes english. but you need muscles to speak any 
> scandinavian language. muscles americans will never have. no one can 
> quiff the word "sjukskötarska". sorry.

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