[JN] Sound Digest, Vol 73, Issue 1

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Thu Mar 4 07:22:53 CST 2010

JC or Steve Berger can handle this I expect. 
It's not hard to do, just read up on it on the web and figgur it out. 
The hardest part is learning how to set the VTA properly... in general,
the advice I give is: "get the ass end down". 
But that is a simplistic view... your ears will tell you when it is 
right, assuming
you have a system that throws something like a reasonable sound field... 
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  > Subject: [JN] Arm Setup - anybody know how?
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  > I have a friend who is looking for expert help setting up a 
Dynavector 501 tonearm in the NY/NJ area. Can anybody here recommend 
anyone who knows how?
  > Thanks, and hello Joelist!
  > -j



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