[JN] Modern lightweight oscilloscopes suitable for tubeaudio?

Ben bfranchuk at jetnet.ab.ca
Fri Dec 11 19:41:12 CST 2009

> I have a 4 channel 20GHz scope right here in front of me. It can
> certainly measure audio circuits and you can even write programs on it
> to manipulate the data all you want.
> You can even open up a window and watch U-tube while you are doing it.
> This one is running windows XP.

Now my audio data and the playboy channel... :)

> Probably about $120,000.00 out of Han's target price range though. It
> will heat up your lab though!
Now if I don't eat for the next 10 years ...

> Well we have rail road tracks that came right up to the warehouse and
> lots of big trucks.

Oh, trains ... they tore the tracks out about 10 years ago.

> Scopes are totally excellent for tracing down hum, other noise and
> distortion too. I would really feel naked without one.

Also what would be nice is a low noise pre-amp design in the first place.
I am using cheap Hammond transformers & chokes, but could get custom 
ones done, if I knew how to make it low noise and hum. I am finding 
power supply choke to my PP transformers just seem to bring out the 
depth of sound for my power amp. I am not sure what to do with my 
pre-amp as it SET amp ( 10K :600 ohms) and most of the noise comes from 

> -grego

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