[JN] Modern lightweight oscilloscopes suitable for tubeaudio?

Dan Kerl dlkerl at knology.net
Fri Dec 11 18:01:06 CST 2009

> You can get a killer old vacuum tube Tectronics for peanuts :)  
The shipping may be elephantine. You could put a sail on the cart
and ride it home...

I hear ya...

I use three different scopes, depending on what I'm doing...

Tektronix RM545B - for that boat anchor ambiance. Easily the best 
quality trace of any scope I've used. 30 MHz B/W. The 547 has a bit 
better trigger on it, if you're looking for an old Tek scope. If you get 
one, watch that damn tank capacitor in the HV supply oscillator (6AU5) - 
they leak.

Tektronix 485 - decent portable 300MHz scope. 'Portable' is the 
operative word here. Bandwidth is useful for VHF work, as well as some 
logic. I'm too cheap to spring for the active probe that would allow 
full use of the bandwidth.

BitScope USB digital scope - sometimes you just need a storage 
scope/logic analyzer. This fills the bill nicely when used with a laptop.


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