[JN] Modern lightweight oscilloscopes suitable for tubeaudio?

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I have a Tektronix TDS2014. It is really really light and has a very shallow bench footprint.
This one is color and 4 channels but you can get a 2 channel version as well as black and white for cheaper.
Not sure what the street price is. I work for Tek so mine was an internal purchase, which is I suppose a disclaimer as well.
Look up TDS1000 or TDS2000 on http://www.tektronix.com

It works quite nicely for audio. It has a 2.5k record length, FFT and waveform math manipluation which is super handy. They have USB output for offloading data.
They are digital, with only 8bits vertical resolution (within the selected range). But they are sampling at 2Gs/s so you aren't going to miss anything. The resolution restricts the dynamic range so if you have a very low amplitude signal interfering with a very large amplitude one then you might not see it without demodulating or filtering... But if you are looking at noise on a quiet rail (no signal on the amp) then you will see it and can look at it in the frequency domain, via the FFT function.
They have advanced triggering functions and built-in automated measurement routines that make set up extremely easy and fast.
But, these are restricted to 300v. So you have to use a high voltage probe or external attenuator. Most scopes these days are restricted to 300v. Ditto with most standard probes.

Our sister company, Fluke, makes the 190 series handhelds that are pretty nice. They have a larger internal attenuator and are rated up to 1kv and fully floating. Pretty cool little scopes. Same vertical resolution. Pretty similar specs.

I also have numerous older analog scopes and they do have a very nice trace.
The 465 series Tektronix scopes are pretty small. They are deeper due to the long CRT with the super Tek gun control on the back. But they are a lot narrower than the typical standard bench scopes though, so they take up less space on the bench.
 Lovely trace, 100MHz @ 2 channels. They can be picked up pretty cheaply. I use mine in the house on a little scope mobile.


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Hi GuidoThe reason why I focus on these oscilloscopes is that they seem cheap and don't take up that much room.I expect analogue scopes to be bigger, more heavy and expensive.What details are difficult to see on the digital scope - ringing, oscillations, clipping?If I bought an analogue scope from new, which cheaper ones could you recommend and how expensive would they be?(Off topic: Saw the center of your hometown and several suburbs because of road-making and subsequent GPS-confusion in Sørens car on our way back to Denmark. Is your lab in the center of Eindhoven?)Hans 

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