[JN] Pentode Driver

David Crittle david at retrovox.com.au
Tue Dec 1 15:29:40 CST 2009

Type 6DQ6 was also used in a number of Australian made guitar amps by 
Goldentone, and also in Playmaster kitsets.

See http://www.retrovox.com.au/6dq6aamp.pdf

and http://www.retrovox.com.au/40WPM116.pdf

At 9:14 PM +0000 1/12/09, otto axel wrote:
>  You might think about the 6Y6, 6bq6, or 6dq6 or similiar "tv 
>deflection" tubes. These require fairly low screen voltages by 
>output tube standards, and could certainly bias up nicely with 75 
>volts on the screen. I've heard they're  great sounding tubes, 
>though I have yet to try them. I actually have a box full out in the 
>shed, as aside from the 6Y6 these are as yet "undiscovered" by the 
>collectors and get pitched in the trash. I'd be willing to send you 
>a few, but suspect shipping would cost more than sourcing locally. 
>Structurally they remind me a bit of a 6L6, and if I remember right, 
>that's what they're based off of.

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