[JN] 10Y driver for 300B

Ben bfranchuk at jetnet.ab.ca
Sun Aug 23 09:38:28 CDT 2009

andy evans wrote:
> I should explain that I bought a whole load of 10Y - most were new in box.
> But when I tested them they didn't seem to test as new. I'm puzzled - they
> look new and are in new boxes. So I'm a bit at a loss for how to value them.
> They work and sound fine. My tester may not be calibrated properly or
> something like that. They haven't been used for decades, so maybe they need
> to be used for the emission to come up. If anybody has any ideas on this I'd
> be grateful. As it is I have loads of them, and as I say I'm not sure what
> sort of price to ask!
> Andy

I think they say to let them heat up - no HV - for about 30 minutes
to have the getter start to work on the old tubes, then you test them.

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