[JN] 45's where are they? / Hammond 1640SEA

andy evans performanceandmedia at gmail.com
Sat Aug 22 05:00:51 CDT 2009

Yes - the filament supply is a pain for a 10y, and even worse for a 46. I've
been using just a big cap and a LM1084 configured as current source. This
DOES need a big heatsink, bigger than you first think! I'm wondering about a
Hammond choke between two caps - Ciuffoli uses that. Maybe this -

2009/8/22 martin seddon <mseddon at eftel.com.au>

> I was using a 10Y  (later 801A when 10Y started singing along) - nice thing
> with this combo is that it runs of the same B+ as the 300B when using a IT.
> Just wondering how people are doing this - ie with a LC intervening or
> straight off the 300B B+.  and what differenced they found.  I was doing it
> LC - and never made the comparison.  (I liked it so much next I dumped the
> 300B :-)) I know in the past people have said the direct connection works
> best.  Now I have ripped the amp aprt again to try a c3g  - IT vs pentode -
> 300B. Problem is I know this is going to be way too much gain - the 10Y was
> just about right with just a DS autoformer vol up front.  I'll probably wind
> up back with the 801A - but hate to add the outboard fil supply for it.
> martin
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