[JN] 45's where are they? / Hammond 1640SEA

Ben bfranchuk at jetnet.ab.ca
Fri Aug 21 21:59:55 CDT 2009

Doug Flynn wrote:
> A few years ago I did a series of breadboard experiments to find what I 
> thought was the best 300B driver, and the best by far was the 10Y. 
> Choke-loaded, the 10Y driver was a truly sublime experience. In fact, I 
> have such fond memories of it that I'm now going to build a proper amp 
> using a 76-10Y-300B topology.

> I was thinking of using a pair of 300Bs as I will be driving original 
> Quad ESLs and could do with the extra juice.  Has anyone had any 
> experience with the 1.25K 200mA Hammond 1640SEA OPT?  Any other 
> suggestions for a SE OPT for 300Bs in parallel?

Get Jack at Electra-Print Audio, to wind all your IRON.

> Cheers. Doug

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