[JN] PP 45 amp

Christian Rintelen christian at rintelen.ch
Tue Aug 18 12:52:01 CDT 2009

i don't know where pieter treurniet gets his donuts. but there are not 
that many manufacturers of cobalt amorphous cores - exactely two, if i'm 
informed correctly. one is Vakuumschmelze Hanau near frankfurt in 
germany and the other is somewere in russia. i was told that the 
russians offer cores with bigger diameters than the germans. (small 
wonder, the country is much bigger...)


Phil wrote:
> Christian,
> Do you know where Tribute gets their cobalt toroid cores from, and which
> type or model of cobalt they use?
> Thanks, Phil
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> SE - check out 
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> Ben wrote:
>> Christian Rintelen wrote:
>>> i once had tribute wind me a custom IT for a 56 to 45 midrange amp. 
>>> that was easier too, because the IT didn't have to handle the lowest 
>>> octaves... (iirc the amp overall measured +/- 0dB from 30 to 25k)
>> Was that a SET 45 amp or P/P? Ben.

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