[JN] Advice on grounding Revox

Ben bfranchuk at jetnet.ab.ca
Mon Aug 17 10:17:42 CDT 2009

martin seddon wrote:
> I am doing up a Revox G36 for recording and feel a bit scared by the
> fact it has a 240v 2 pin supply and no ground.   Just like a B77.  A
> B77 is basically a double insulated device, and low voltage after the
> mains T.   The G36 runs upto 265v and has exposed chassis metalwork
> (back panel and 0v RCAs). And has motor windings powered directly off
> taps on the primary.
> Connected to a preamp at least the 0v is grounded there for reference
> (but hardly a safety earth) but if conected to a mic only for
> portable recording there is no reference / ground path at all.  Hum
> is the problem if one connects mains earth.  Does the double opposed
> diode trick come in here?  Puzzled what the safety philosophy was.
> Dont like the B77s  floating when on mic only either.
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Plus the fact from your URL you live down under where I sure the 
electrons want to flow the other way...:) All kidding aside,
check this forum for Reel to Reel help.
http://www.tapeproject.com/smf/index.php   Best!
or look here.

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