[JN] Revox G36

jason.boyd at ultrasystems.net jason.boyd at ultrasystems.net
Mon Aug 17 10:12:45 CDT 2009

Unless the grid of V1 (ECC83) somehow shorts to HT there is not much  
chance of exposure to internal (DC) supply current for the microphone  
user and the input coupling cap can be upgraded to further improve the  
isolation at DC if you wish.
I see what you mean about the mains and the chassis though, but if  
your preamp has it's chassis tied to ground and the preamp references  
the mains ground for earth leakage protection purposes should there  
not be a decent level of safety provided ?


Martin wrote
"I am doing up a Revox G36 for recording and feel a bit scared by the  
fact it has a 240v 2 pin supply and no ground...."

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