[JN] PP 45 amp

Ben bfranchuk at jetnet.ab.ca
Sat Aug 15 23:47:54 CDT 2009

henry platt wrote:
> Hi Ben, I have a pair  that is All Transformer coupled, all push
> pull. PP 27 driving PP 45. Only 20 uf filtering, playing through
> altec A7's. Good iron is the key to success with this format. -Henry
> Platt

Do you have a schematic for it that I could find on the web for it?
My problem I can find a lot of generic designs, but they have no useful
specs on the transformers used. The other got-ya with the design I want
end up with that I want to add the Blumlein Garter circuit every where.
That tends to throw off the the high voltage power supply for the
pre-amp section.

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