[JN] [2nd send] Diode damper and HV: an unknown usage (to me)

Daniel Normolle monk at umich.edu
Fri Jul 11 06:56:11 CDT 2008

Luca Cagni wrote:
> Hi Joers.
> This is a mere resend (my original message is awaiting approval), with some minor changes in text, and a lower resolution image attached (it's a negative one, in order to try to improve its readability).
> First of all, please forgive for my english: the more the years count, the less it stands good.
> Well, I have a stupid (not for me, obviously!) question about diode dampers, especially tv ones, such as the 6DM4.
> I've seen it on a maybe-1994 J.C. Morrison's 3-stages 10Y SE amp schematic (the .jpg which is attached, I hope it works): it is right between one leg of the OPT and the capacitor after the SS diodes of the HV rectifier.
> How it works? What's its function?

It brings the B+ up slowly.

It's a slow turn-on.

The solid state diodes would otherwise apply B+ to the output tube before it
was warmed up.


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