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Ian McPhail mrea2799 at bigpond.net.au
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Daniel, just checked out Either/Orchestra on amazon

< I love the Either/Orchestra version on "The Half Life of Desire" sung by
the guy from Morphine.  If the E/O is ever in your neighborhood, run, don't

Love Mulatu Astatke ever since discovering him on the soundtrack to Jim
Jarmusch's Broken Flowers.

Here's a "white label" unauthorized dance mix vinyl 12" Mulu 2 based on an
Astatke track by the mysterious Nephews of Phela out of the UK
493637 pity they don't provide the whole track cos it gets really
interesting as their looped sample "devolves",
they remain anonymous for obvious copyright reasons
< Nephews of Phela - Mulah [Nephews of Phela] 
Dope re-edit/remix of the groovy Mulatu Astatke tune 'Yegelle Tezeta (My Own
Memory),' widely recognized by its use in the Jim Jarmusch film Broken
Flowers. Mulatu's original groove gets twisted into a slow-burn acid house
afro funk monster >

regards Ian

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bfranchuk at jetnet.ab.ca wrote:
> Daniel Normolle wrote:
>> You're right.  All you would require are 5 switches to get the same
>> functionality.  Well, 10 for stereo.  10x$1.95=$19.50.  Of course, it
>> could make dialing up the VOLUME a little complicated...
> I got the $40 pot for that.
> Ok the price has gone up to $65 at parts connextion.
> TKD-64186      STEREO Conductive Plastic Potentiometer, 50K (50 dB audio 
> taper)

So, Larry's $80 dual-deck switch, suitable for a stereo attenuator, doesn't
seem so outlandish.

>> dpn
>> (listening to Bird play TEMPTATION)
> Now just who is Bird and Temptation?

Who is Bird?  Man, THAT is a truly existential question, anybody want to
take a crack at it?  "Temptation" is a little easier, written by Arthur
Freed and Nacio Herb Brown (check out "The House That George Built" for
great profiles on these guys and everybody like them), first sung by Bing
Crosby (see Sound Practices #14) in "Going Hollywood" (1933):

	You came, I was alone
	I should have known you were temptation
	You smiled, luring me on
	My heart was gone, you were temptation

	It would be thrilling if you were willing
	If it can never be, pity me
	For you were born to be kissed
	I can't resist
	You are temptation and I am yours
	Here is my heart
	Take it and say we'll never part
	I'm just a slave, only a slave
	To you, temptation

Aside from the versions on "Big Band" and "With Strings", I love the
Either/Orchestra version on "The Half Life of Desire" sung by the guy
from Morphine.  If the E/O is ever in your neighborhood, run, don't
walk.  They won't have Mark Sandman with them, though, he doesn't tour

By the way, while you probably don't *need* more copies of the Verve
recordings, and while "The Complete Verve Masters" does come in a
chi-chi metal box with more ART than is really required, the mastering
is superb, markedly better than any previous CD or LP release (I have
never heard the 78s, can't say about those), Phil Schaap outdid himself.
When you die, you can leave it to the kids, and they will wonder, "What
are these discs?  Do they have some utility, or are they decorative?
Physical objects, how...quaint.  Dad was so...provincial, yet charming in
a 20th century sort of way...Pitch it."
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