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It is is  TOO early for the EASTER BUNNY.    :)
Oops! Happy New Ears!
Z-z-apuzzlement ;)
So, for Xmas, I started dismantling  the 1930's P-P 2A5 amp to see what I 
could see ... the Pilot 408 IT/splitter  transformer is original.
The power, choke and output  transformers look like later volunteers.
The parallel filament bus bars  appear perfect.
The underside wiring, beyond the  filaments, looks very imaginative. Not 
strictly coherent, just yet. I will try  and understand before I start from 
scratch. A 0.5 uF cap between the screens of  the 2A5s ... I intend to put in an UL 
output transformer ... I can pretend I  didn't need to know :)
The choke measures a robust 976 K  ohms DCR. Low Z PS not found :)
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