[JN] Per's Tests

bear bear at bearlabs.com
Mon Jun 27 10:11:26 CDT 2005


I've only been following your testing very loosely... I looked at the page
you referenced with the results for different transformers only.

If there are other pages that describe the circuit being used for testing,
and the rest of the test methods/test conditions that would be useful to
see that link.

I'm a bit puzzled by the results... but maybe they're just fine, dunno.

If there is nothing to link to for this info, maybe it would be good to
put something up?

Generally speaking it seems to be usually useful to subtract the input
signals spectra from the output signals spectra in software... assuming
the software will do this for you. And to post a "loop" picture of the
residual self noise from the card? (maybe subtract this too, if needed?)

Also it would be interesting to know all the static parameters of the
transformers being tested per actual bench measurement(s). Also it might
be useful to test the winding to winding balance (perhaps via a null
test?) as this may account for the differential in even order harmonic
levels in a PP set up?



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