[JN] MC Phono Stage

Paul Barker v1505guy at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Feb 3 01:59:05 CST 2005

 --- S.C.Busbridge at bton.ac.uk wrote: 
> I have used Billington in the past.   It is best to
> telephone them.   Sowter
> are a pleasure to deal with, their transformers just
> don't sound any good
> (to me...)   I use Majestic Transformers of Poole
> (details on internet).
> Very helpful, good price and sound.

I agree Sowter are great to deal with and the
transformers I have and others I have heard are made
to a very high finish and sound excellent.

People keep recomending Majestic but I haven't had a
chance to hear their stuff. The odd time I tried to
ask them to make me something I never got a reply, I
think others have experienced similar problems.

I used a guy called Warren Marriot in Nottingham to
wind some transformers at considerable cost (800 ukp)
as did a friend similar price, both sets of
transformers were so awful you wouldn't believe the
sound. The guy vanished soon after so we haven't had a
chance to stick them where the sun don't shine. These
were the pair I took to Vry's in London Morgan Jones
was there, Chris and Morgan were being shy about
saying anything because they may have thought I'd
wound them. My worst ever first efforts were 100 times
better. We soon subbed them out for Vry's Tributes. 
I heard the s&b transformers in two systems and they
too were excellent.

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