[JN]OT: What are these phone recordings?

Jeremy Epstein jeremyepstein@earthlink.net
Thu, 02 Oct 2003 10:28:58 -0400

Grover Gardner asked:

> This is totally off-topic, but I thought someone might know.
> Lately I've been getting phone calls where, when I say hello, a
> recording answers "Sorry, I dialed the wrong number" or something like
> that.  The recordings are made to sound "natural" but of course I can
> tell it's a recording.
> My question is, what are these bots doing?

In one of the articles I read recently about the "National 'Do Not Call'
List" controversy, it mentioned a new device that will call 4 or 5 numbers
at once, and then switch over to whomever picks up first. Maybe you are
hearing what happens to one of the remaining 3 or 4 who pick up afterwards?