[JN]pro sound help

Kurt Steffensen kurt@pappagallo.dk
Wed, 1 Oct 2003 18:17:26 +0200

My advice, based upon a lifetime, in that area is to make the simples
system. ( Stay away from moder digital consoles, with inbuild effects and
menus )

A small analog mixer with NO effects is the only thing you can succesfully
As few channels as you can do with.
If the church is small and you can do with two PA speakers, consider a
powered mixing console.

Mark the stuff with written messages, mask the knobs that is of no use to

Leave as much gear connected the way it is supposed to be used, as possible.
If possible, have it all connnected in a rack system.
Mark the speaker cables, mark the amp ( "Connect speakers here ) etc
Microphones in.
( Use XLR or Jack for ALL microphones. Not both, as it will produce
confusion )
Mark it ALL wheeter it is permanently connected or not.
( One day it WILL be disconnected, for one reason or another )

It is wice, and VERY convienent to have access to a sound source, such as a
CD player.Mark it on the console and mark the cables: "CD.  Do not

Make a map, with block diagrams of the gear and connections.

It is also wice to have a trouble shooting manual here, made by you.
You will learn what to write here , and how to write it in time.
Here goes the phone numbers to all people , involved as well.
( Pro service/repair, suppliers etc )

Make everything easy to understand.
Simplify, but do not over simplify.. Think of the gear as it is supposed to
be operated
by your wife, and 12 year old kid.
If they can not understand your instructions, chance is high, that nobody
else can.

The better the pre job you do, the less will you become called upon, at the
mad times....

Murphies law rules........

- Kurt