[JN]pro sound help

Scott Grammer grammer@signal.chattanooga.net
Wed, 01 Oct 2003 11:02:06 -0400

Lots of us here have pro sound reinforcement experience. Feel free to 
pick our brains for help, although such discussions might be better 
handled off-list, since it is a tad off topic.

Here are some places where you will find good basic information:




Hope this helps,


Rod Usher wrote:

>Ladies and Gentlemen,
>I have been asked to take responsibility for the set
>up of the sound reenforcement equipment at my church. 
>They asked me to set up a team of people that can be
>trained on setting up this equipment and can be called
>upon during events to correct problems and make sure
>that the equipment is set up properly.  Do any of you
>know of any lists similar to this one or other
>knowledge bases that I can turn to, to learn more
>about this equipment and how to perform this job?
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